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Monday, August 12, 2019
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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Jaimie and Seth's wedding. Where to even start. It was held on Seth's family farm, where they're going to live! It's a gorgeous place with lots of room, and I was so excited to shoot there! The day was coming up, and the forecast said rain. No problem - the forecast here changes multiple times a day. That morning, everyone got ready, I photographed the guys and everything was going to plan!


Jaimie's Dad built this for the ceremony! A lot of love and hours went into it, as you can see:

And then it was time for the ceremony, and the rain started to come. We decided to wait it out, until things took a turn, and we realized we'd be waiting until 7pm. The guests came to the rescue, everything was moved to the shop, tractors were used as a backdrop, and Jaimie and Seth took everything in stride! 

And then it was time for portraits. Guys, I'll be honest. This was the most challenging portraits I've ever done. So. Much. Rain. BUT I had amazing help, and everyone was ready to go! The canola field was CRAZY muddy and wet, and 100% worth it. We brought the wedding party to the shop later, worked some magic, a little photoshop help to get rid of the truck and windows, and bam! Beautiful shots of a super fun group! 

Sisters! I photographer Ali's wedding at the beginning of June, now Jaimie, and Megan is getting married next year! Say a prayer for their parents.

And finally, out of the rain and into the tent for the reception. 

And of course, once the pictures were done and everyone had eaten and danced, the rain stopped. Just in time for some fireworks! The perfect way to end what ended up being the perfect day. Congratulations, Jaimie and Seth! You guys are incredible, and your day was one for the books!

While shooting, Seth's brother and Jaimie and I's cousin Lindsay came to hold umbrellas to help out! Game. Changer. Shout out to those two! Lindsay took a couple 'behind the scenes' shots while we were in the Canola field. I'd lost the skirt and was down to bike shorts with rubber boots. I really am just all kinds of classy when it comes to weddings. 

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