The Lake House
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Friday, August 11, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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The Lake House.  Sitting on Buffalo Lake, it's one of our favorite places to go!  My family spent a week there this summer, and instead of making sure I had my Picture of the Day and calling it good, or taking the normal pictures I usually do, I decided to take it a step further.  I spent the week taking pictures I would LOVE. Putting more effort in, being more creative, and taking pictures of the details.  These pictures are my favorites, and show a bit of what might be one of our favourite vacations we've had!  


We started things off with a couple days with my parents, which is always a win!  Enjoying the water, getting a few things done around the property, picking saskatoon berries, and just hanging out.  Once they were gone, it was just my fam, and we spent all of our time by the water!  The weather was amazing, and the kids were always sad to have to come in. One day of rain meant playing games, eating extra snacks, watching the lightning and going to the water in the crazy wind!  And for a couple, of course, swimming in their jeans. hah! The kids searched for butterflies, minnows and frogs, visited all of the pelicans, built sand castles and played pirates, and an evening was spent star gazing. My sister and her husband came with the boat for a day - win!!!  We love those two dearly and always take up a chance to hang out with them!  They also came the last day, along with another sister, her kids and their pup!  These summer days with family - they're the days I love and want to never end.  This place, these people, and our family being together - these are the memories I hold close. 

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