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Friday, August 11, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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The Lake House.  Sitting on Buffalo Lake, it's one of our favorite places to go!  My family spent a week there this summer, and instead of making sure I had my Picture of the Day and calling it good, or taking the normal pictures I usually do, I decided to take it a step further.  I spent the week taking pictures I would LOVE. Putting more effort in, being more creative, and taking pictures of the details.  These pictures are my favorites, and show a bit of what might be one of our favourite vacations we've had!  


We started things off with a couple days with my parents, which is always a win!  Enjoying the water, getting a few things done around the property, picking saskatoon berries, and just hanging out.  Once they were gone, it was just my fam, and we spent all of our time by the water!  The weather was amazing, and the kids were always sad to have to come in. One day of rain meant playing games, eating extra snacks, watching the lightning and going to the water in the crazy wind!  And for a couple, of course, swimming in their jeans. hah! The kids searched for butterflies, minnows and frogs, visited all of the pelicans, built sand castles and played pirates, and an evening was spent star gazing. My sister and her husband came with the boat for a day - win!!!  We love those two dearly and always take up a chance to hang out with them!  They also came the last day, along with another sister, her kids and their pup!  These summer days with family - they're the days I love and want to never end.  This place, these people, and our family being together - these are the memories I hold close. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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A big thing that almost every photographer wants is for their clients to print their photographs.  'What's the use of getting pictures done if they're just going to sit on a USB or on your computer?  Hang them on your walls, put them in an album!'  I'm a big believer in this, but I also realize that sometimes things are easier said than done.  And this can sometimes be one of those things.  There's so many more options than buying a couple frames that all perfectly match that must be hung in a row. Mix it up a little!  Be creative!  


I've spend a nerdy amount of time and effort doing just that in our home. We have pictures EVERYWHERE. No room is safe!  I love having our memories up and around where we can look as we pass by, or sit down and go through an album. There are so many times the kids will point something out and ask about it, or recall where we were or what happened that day. I display more than just our professional family sessions, though those are definitely up as well. Some of them are just the shots from home - the ones that bring up good feelings or memories - the shots that make me happy.  


I thought I'd put together a blog post showing you how I display the pictures in our house. Hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration!  These are not all 'I'm so creative and thought of some cool things'.  It's almost all pinterest, baby.  Take a look at different sites and posts, and try what you love! 


Our home, starting from the main floor:


Small Framed Photograph: David Guenther - No one said it has to be fancy and complex.  A small frame with one of my favourite shots of the kids a few years ago sits in our living room. I love having older pictures along with the updated ones!


Larger Board Photograph: from our road trip this spring! To keep it a little more clean and simple, I decided to skip the frame and order a photoboard from Posterjack. Wondering what the empty pot could be for on that shelf? I for sure killed that plant. Again. 

I don't have any other pictures hanging in our living room - the rest is kept pretty simple. BUT I still have a ton of pictures there!  


Top picture: I keep a simple box I found at Chapters inside of the coffee table. It has random shots that I love going through. When one of the kids was born, family pictures from sessions, pictures I took of my oldest when she turned 5 - whatever I want!  The kids love to take them out every once in awhile and flip through them. There's something about holding actual prints in your hand that just feels right. 


Bottom 2: Albums. Ohhh, how I love my albums - as do the kids!  There are multiple albums out most days from when kids just sit for a bit and flip through. I do albums for holidays, family sessions we've had done, yearly projects (like Project 365) and an album per year!  Yes, it's work, but so, so worth it!  

Left: Magnets  - another favourite of the kids!  Take your pictures from instagram and make them into magnets!  It's always fun for them to decide what picture is going to hold up their next piece of art. :)


Right: Photography by Lindsay Nichols Photography - Even the laundry room has a shot - an 8x10 on an old washboard - a little bit of personality in an otherwise dark, boring little space! 

I'm in my office most days, for a good chunk of time, so I like to have it be a space I enjoy being in.  I used to have a lot more pictures in here, but the older I get, the more claustrophobic I seem to get. hah! There's not a ton hanging up in here, but I still make sure to have some of my favourite people hanging up. :) 

My oldest, Hannah, is 12, and loves pictures almost as much as I do!  She's all about hanging pictures of the ones she loves, and will put up as many as she can. hah!  The boards with a wire are perfect for her, because she can switch out the pictures as she pleases! Each year for Christmas I give each of the kids a box with a bunch of pictures from through out the year, and they LOVE it! Hannah picked her favourites to hang, and loves flipping through the rest.  The bookshelf on the other side of the room is great for frames here and there along with her books and prized possessions. 

My stairway is one of my favourite spots of the house, and this spot in particular is one I get asked about a lot.  Here's what I did! (I being my husband and I, because I had no idea how to hang this thing).  I started with my favourite prints of the kids that involved landscapes that I love. These are all from Southern Alberta - what a place to live!  TWe ordered 2 sheets of plexiglass, and wiped them down well to take out some of the static.  Once it was all laid out, I taped the pictures onto one piece of plexiglass with super strong double sided tape.  Make sure you get the strongest you can find, or when you put the other piece of glass on top, the static will pull them all off!  Once they were done, we stacked the two pieces of plexiglass together so the pictures were in the middle, put it on the floor in our room and left it there for 3 months. Feel free to skip that step. Darrel used special fasteners and put it all right into the wall!  Done and done!  I used to have tiny square prints in here, but I wanted something updated that looked less busy, and this is exactly what I was hoping for! It was surprisingly easy to change the pictures. We just unscrewed it from the wall, took the old pics out, new ones in and screwed it right back up. Easy peasy. 

This gallery wall is on the other side of my stairs!  The pictures get changed out often, and I love having the freedom to easily do that.  There's a picture of both Darrel and I when we were little, and then pictures of our family sessions, shots from home, and family.  This took a lot of time and a few tries to get all of the frames where I wanted them, but I love the result!  Frames can be super expensive when you're buying a bunch, so look for some you love that you know will stick around, and buy a few at a time when there's a sale!  These are from Pottery Barn, and they have multiple 40% off sales a year.  I started buying them 9 years ago, and now love what we have!  They changed the white of the matts somewhere along the way, so I just bought some white paint at Michaels and painted them all the same.  Easy!

I'll be the first to say that pictures in the bathroom can be weird.  No one needs to stare at a family picture while sitting on the toilet. BUT this bathroom is split in two - a long counter with sinks in one part, and the toilet and tub in the other.  These two 8x10 black and white pictures from the lake hang in the sink area, and look a little more like art shots, with the lack of faces and the water. Personal without being in your face about it.

The top frames are from Chapters, and they've been there since we moved in - before the wallpaper was even up!  And since I know someone will ask, wallpaper is from Anthropologie, and I love it as much as I did the day it went up!  The pictures in the frames should be changed out, since they're from when my youngest was born, but the 3 larger, simple frames on such a busy wall calm things down a bit, which I love!


Bottom: Frame from Be Filled, photograph from Lindsay Nichols Photography. 

Our upstairs is just bedrooms and one big open area that has the piano and a whole lot of lego!  These canvases are the main thing hanging up there and I LOVE them! They're 25"x40" each, and these photographs were taken at a family session a couple years ago by David Guenther.  When buying large prints like this, I always find it handy to tape out where I want them to go with painters tape, or tape a piece of paper the size you're thinking.  Leave it there for a couple days, and it'll help you decide what size is best, and if you like the size you've decided to go with.  The size of these changed a couple times.  When investing in something like a large canvas, it's always worth waiting and making sure you're going to be happy with what you choose!  


To be honest, I'm not always a big canvas fan. They're not something you can switch out. You pay a lot of money, hang them for awhile, and then they're out of date and you want to put something new there. What do you do with the old canvas?  That's why I love shooting with scenery - it becomes a personalized art piece, like the canvas on the left. The picture on the right just shows each kid's personality so perfectly at that age already, and I just couldn't say no. Still love them and wouldn't want to change them any time soon!

A few years ago, Darrel and I got our pictures done by Genevieve Renee Photography. Her work is stunning, and completely different than my work!  This shot was one of my very favourites from that session, and made for a perfect large canvas!  Beautiful landscape, and black and white, which means I don't need to choose the colors or decor accordingly.

One of the best decisions I made in my last pregnancy was to have birth photography done. Guys. So. Amazing. I made an album of all the amazingness by Lindsay Nichols Photography  and love to flip through it every once in awhile.  Why is it not with all the other albums in the living room? Because it's birth photography. Awkward sauce. It could probably go anywhere in my room, but I keep it in a drawer - I don't need to have these kids asking all sorts of questions about how the baby comes out any earlier than needed.  Nobody wants to explain that to a 7 year old boy.

Large Photograph: Ross Dance Photography


Smaller Framed Photograph: David Guenther Photography


Adding frames to decor on a dresser is simple and lovely! Plus one of my favorite pictures of the boys stuck in the mirror.




The basement! We've lived here for 7 years and I'm just starting to actually decorate down there for a bit. I find it the most tricky, because there's no specific set up for the furniture, and if I do hang things up, I don't want them knocked off by soccer balls or hockey pucks. This is where Posterjack comes in! I ordered their peel and stick prints  and love them! THey're just big stickers that you can put wherever, reposition and move around. Note: I found they make the colors a little muted, so make sure the colors are bright on your files before ordering!  On the stairs landing I got a really large print (4' long) and I love how it fills up the space without looking busy. Then in the actual basement I've got a lineup of shots from our road trip! The kids love going through and remembering what we did and their favourite parts. As do I. :)  



And that's our home! Does everyone need this many family photos hanging up and printed? No. But I love them, and all of the memories that come with them. Look for inspiration, and take some time to print out your pictures! Feel free to ask me any questions! 



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Tuesday, May 02, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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Monday, March 06, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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Week 9 in the Kowalenko household :)

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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Week 8 - a week off of school!

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