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Saturday, December 31, 2016
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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A year in review.  That seems like it should be easy - pick a shot from each session and wedding, post and be done. But for some reason, it's a lot more this year.  I mean, for me personally, 2016 wasn't one to be real excited about. It was a year of loss and sickness and a whole lot of hurt. Life changed a lot this year, and I feel like a much different person than I was in January.  But I grew, and I learned again just how important relationships are, and how much I need my family.  I was reminded of what's really important in life, and how the small things are just that - small. 

Business wise, things were completely different. I started off the year extremely nervous, having booked a lot less weddings than usual.  With the loss of my brother in law this summer, that ended up being exactly what I needed, and I had the perfect amount of work. Enough to keep my busy, pay the bills and keep me excited to shoot, but also enough that I could still spend lots of time with my family and not feel like I was drowning in sessions. 

Looking through all of these sessions, this year was perfect for my photography. I did two incredible workshops, shot a wedding in Mexico, a couple weddings in BC,  I had clients who have become friends and were amazing to work for, I grew in my work, completely changed my editing style, became more confident in the pictures I make, and genuinely loved my job all year.

In the year ahead, I'm excited to meet new people, work on my reception work, understand the technical side of things a bit more, and continue to grow as an artist.  I'm so thankful for all of you who have supported and encouraged me, and I can't wait to see what 2017 holds.  Thank you for giving me a job I love!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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The first time I photographed Jason and Christine was a warm fall evening in Calgary, and it was perfect.  These guys compliment eachother, and are so comfortable with one another.  They laugh easily and clearly belong together.  Next up was their wedding. Also warm, also lovely - but this time in Cancun!  

Now friends, you should know right now, just in case you were wondering, I would not be upset about doing another destination wedding.  So. Amazing. My husband Darrel came along and we made a holiday out of it, and would probbbbably be willing to do it again. Just throwing that out there.  In fact, if it was at a good time, I might even give you a deal!  

Anyway. Back to these two.  Sun, sand, and a gorgeous couple - I'M SO HAPPY!  The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing.  But even more importantly, the day was full of joy, tears were flowing, love was shared and these two got married, surrounded by their closest family and friends.  The best. 

I give you an overly long post of the most perfect day with Jason and Christine: