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Wednesday, November 06, 2013
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  It's been QUITE awhile since I've posted anything about the Be Filled frames - work and children and life seem to take over very easily!  But Christmas shopping has begun, and there's a lot happening with Be Filled!

   First off, there is a new product available!  Introducing the 'Forever Frame': 

   A creative way to style up your home!  Each frame is UV treated, water resistant, and designed for outdoor use. Choose from predesigned inserts, or put in whatever you'd like!  The options are endless!  These frames are available in 8x10 or 11x14, and come in black, brown, cream and red. Shoot me a message for more details and prices!

   And since Christmas really is just around the corner, and we're all starting to think about those people on our lists, we've got a Christmas special! 

   This is a great way to cross a ton of people off of your list, and get them something they'll love!  Or maybe a little something for you. :)

   Check out the website for available colors and sizes, and message me for a price list!

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Monday, April 08, 2013
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   As a photographer with my own business, I get to decide how I run things.  One of the big decisions is whether I sell prints or digital files.  Personally, when I get a session done, I LOVE having the files.  That way I can print whatever I want whenever I want, print off multiples for family, and add to baby books!  That's one of the big reasons that I decided to keep it simple and just include the cd of your images on cd with your session.  

   One of the downsides of that is wondering how many of those pictures actually get printed, and how many sit on cd, because the printing just never happens.  SO PAINFUL!  I feel so strongly that we need to print off these memories to be able to have forever!  Fill your homes with memories and moments of your life!  Surround yourself with images of the ones you love most at points in your life that seem to be over so quickly!

   And that is why I'm SO excited to announce that I will now be selling stunning frames from Be Filled.  A way to hang your memories with style!  They're beautifully done, reasonably prices, and there are SO many options!  There are 12 different colors, 4 different styles, and the option of 'stacked' frames as well, which is 2 different colors together!  Mirrors are also available, which I can't wait to order for myself!  Please note that these are not on the website yet, as they will not be available for 3 months.  But they're coming!!!  What I also really love about this is that 10% of the sales will go directly to Compassion, an organization that gives children an opportunity to thrive in hopeless situations.  So great to be a part of that!

   Styles, colors and different options are all shown on the Be Filled website.  There are prices listed there, but mine are a bit lower, so please message me for a price list and I'd love to send it on over and answer any questions you may have!  I'll be putting an order in once or twice a month, and will be announcing on the facebook page when the order is going in!  

   Those that have sessions with me will be given a 2 week period after recieving their cd to get 10% off of their order!  It'll be the perfect opportunity to get those pictures printed, decide on the perfect colors and styles and take advantage of the discount!

   I'm really excited about this and hope that you are too!  Let me know if you have any questions, would like a price list, or would like to put in an order!

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