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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
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   Lately, every time I do a newborn session, I say it's my favorite.  But I'm so serious!  My newborn sessions have become a lot more lifestyle lately, and I leave these sessions feeling like I could do them every day.  They just make me so HAPPY!  I love being able to come into homes and document life as it is right then.  Your world completely changes when a new baby arrives, and it's such a gift to be able to capture that.  Siblings who are just in love with this new little person - or not so in love, mamas who are so content to just sit and hold that beautiful little babe that she's been carrying inside of her for so long, dads who have never held a baby who are suddenly so protective and enthralled with this tiny being that's taken over their lives.  These first days are over so quickly, and I love how much can be captured in pictures.  

   These sessions, my friends.  These are what make me want to keep on shooting. To continue documenting.  These are what fill my tank. 


Baby Aaryen - possibly the most beautiful baby you'll ever see. 

This is Aarian's Aunt Asha.  She sang to him every time he cried, and he loved it.  It worked like a charm, and was my absolute favorite part of the day. 

Mom, Grandma and Aunt - 3 beautiful women who will be such a big part of this little guy's life.  Love these images.

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Melissa Yocum - Oh my gosh, that HAIR!!! What an adorable little bit!! These are amazing!!
lauren - Rachel, these are so beautiful! I am obsessed with that baby's hair! Ohmygoodness, so cute! This family is so sweet and beautiful, I could just cry!
Jaye - Oh my goodness. That hair! Such a wonderful story to have -- great images!
Karen - That last image is the best ever! This is the cutest baby every! I want to run my fingers through his hair. Such a sweet session with his adoring family. What a lucky baby! Fantastic job as always!
Justina - I love the picture with mom, grandma, & aunt. And those shots of baby with dad are too great!
Nicki - oh my goodness that is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! I can't get over the how much hair he has!!! Those family photos are beautiful! Love lifestyle sessions and you did a fantastic job on this one!
kim - I just LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE these images! That HAIR — are you kidding me?? I can't get enough of these! Perfection!
Julina - Love the beautiful simplicity of these images! Such sweet moments with loved ones! Perfection!
shannon - stop it right now with all that cuteness!!!! eek!!! i am soooo in love with these!! and there you go again with your AMAZING at home sessions. you are so good, my friend!
Ben - What a cute fuzzy little man. He's going to have a beautiful, loving family growing up.
Kristine b - Lifestyle sessions make me happy too! And this session is no exception. Thanks for brightening my Tuesday. Beautiful!
Gisselle - OMG sooooo SWEET!! You did a wonderful job on these! So many fantastic images to choose from!
Angie - oh my gosh!!! I absolutely love everything about this session! You did such a wonderful job capturing this family. And he has got to be the cutest baby I have ever seen. His hair?! So awesome!