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Monday, November 27, 2017
By Rachel Joyce Photography
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Just a few years ago when I was in high school...hahahahahahaha. Fine. Like, another lifetime ago when I went to high school, I was in the same grade as Esther.  One of the super nice, quieter girls that I never got to know because I was socially awkward. Anyway, Facebook makes me feel popular and makes it look like I have a ton of friends, and Esther is one of them!  She messaged me about getting family pictures done with her parents, sister and husband, and I was nervous/excited to hang out with them!  Good news. I'm just as socially awkward, but deal with it a bit better now, and it went amazingly!  Helps that they're all super sweet.  We spent some time at the acreage, and then went down to the river for some variety. Oh Autumn.  You have my heart.  For about 2 weeks a year. 

The Vonkeman Family:

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Rachel Kowalenko - Hi Marion! I put that same link into my computer and it works! You get to the home screen and then just scroll down and the pictures should be there! If it's not working, want to email me?
Marion Wilson - Hello Rachel,

I live in Northern Ireland and I'm desperately trying to access the pictures of the wedding of my nephew, Evan and his bride, Annie!
They gave me the following
I would really appreciate your help!
Thank you,