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Sunday, March 20, 2016
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Day in the Life Sessions are something I've wanted to do for a VERY long time!  Documenting a regular day of you and your family the way you remember it. I'm all for family sessions where everyone is beautifully dressed, hair done and in a lovely location with colorful trees and walkways. I get that, and I love those!  Our family gets them done every year!  But that's not how I think of our family. I think of our family with a whole lot of bed head, someone always looking for cheerios on the floor, coloring, being in the kitchen, wrestling and lego.  That's the real us. Sometimes sweet and quiet, sometimes loud and messy.  THAT is what I love to capture, and that's what I want to capture for you!  Making breakfast, hanging out on the floor in the living room building spaceships out of lego, going for walks.  Whatever your normal is, that's what I want to get in your session. 

These sessions are about as easy as they get!  No posing, no staying in the perfect light. You don't need to worry about your kids behaving, because you don't need them smiling nicely at the camera. If they get hurt and cry, I'm going to capture you consoling them and fixing their owies. If someone has a meltdown, I'm for sure going to take pictures, because that's your life right now, and that's all kinds of awesome for the wedding slideshow.  hah!  You just relax, do your thing, and I'll follow and work.  The sessions are around 3ish hours - either for a morning, afternoon or evening - whatever you'd like!  If you're wanting a full day, let me know and we can do that as well! 

I did a 'mini' day in the life session to give you a little look at what this is!  I hung out with Travis and Becky and their little ones for an hour on Saturday morning as they did their thing - this is about half of the pictures!  There's a lot going on with little boys in the house. ;)  This is what they had to say about their session: 

'Getting this lifestyle shoot done with Rachel was such an enjoyable process from start to finish. She has such a great personality and does such a great job interacting with our kids, making them feel comfortable and looking natural in front of the camera. Something I can't do myself. And for the adults, she makes it easy to pretend she isn't there, and just "do life" and act naturally. Now that we have seen the proofs, all we can say is "wow!". I can't believe she could get such a great taste of what our family is like in such a seemingly short amount of time. I can't wait to go through them in more detail and develop them!

I would definitely recommend a lifestyle shoot to my friends. Two thumbs up, five stars, etc. THANK YOU Rachel!'

If you're interested in a Day in the Life session, shoot me a message!  I'd LOVE to work with you and capture your beautiful family!

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