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Thursday, May 08, 2014
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   This past week, another beautiful little boy entered the Wind family.  Levi Daniel was born May 1st, and I had the absolute honor of being there!  This was a little different than anything I've ever been used to, since it was a c-section.  I obviously wasn't allowed in, but was there for a bit before, and got to meet that tiny little baby as soon as he was out of recovery!  I got to hang out with my big brother and his new son for awhile before Erin was out, and then got to be there for those precious moments of meeting baby, and introducing their other littles to their new brother. :)

  New life is an amazing thing, and I was so excited to be there.  But for me, a big part that meant so much to me was watching my brother being a husband and a dad, with nothing else happening.  Seeing him take care for and love his family in such a genuine, amazing way.  That, for me, is such an awesome thing to watch, and makes me so, so proud of the man that he is, and the beautiful family he has!

   Since I couldn't be in the surgery room, there were some pretty important shots I couldn't get.  Fortunately, they brought the camera in with them, and between Jeremy and the nurse, they were able to get a few.  So from the selfie to just before walking down the hall with a brand new baby is nothing I can take credit for. :)  A little look at a miracle:




Levi from Rachel Joyce Photography on Vimeo.



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