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Tuesday, February 03, 2015
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   Every year for Christmas, my siblings and I pick names for a gift exchange, and this year I got my sister Karen.  Karen has lived in Mexico for the last 10 years, working with the people there, being a mother to little Alex, and any other kids who need her, and doing whatever she can to help the people around her and show God's love however she can!  10 years is a long time though, and the home sickness can come and go.  So when I asked Karen what she wanted for Christmas, she requested a picture taken just for her - a shot that 'says Alberta'.  And then made into a canvas for her home.  But the pressure of just one picture was just too much!  That, and my idea of what says Alberta, and hers, are very different.  So instead, I decided to make an album worth of different shots.  Things that are so different than what Karen has in Mexico.  Some of the little details that we don't really notice until we stop and actually take the time to look.  

   After all of this, I've decided that everyone needs to do something like this at some point.  We tend to not be the biggest fans of winter over here - probably because it takes up half of our year, and it's a ridiculous amount of freezing.  But once you really take the time to notice the details, and really look, you realize just how beautiful winter, and our province, is.  

   Here are some of my favorites from the gallery:

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Cathy - Beautiful - which one did she pick?
Joey - These shots are just gorgeous!!!!! Makes me fall even more in love with this land :)
Abbey - sooooo good!! Just amazing. I promise myself I will come see it in person one day!
Karen - good thing you have such a bossy sister ;) thanks for the awesome present Rach! love u