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Wednesday, February 06, 2013
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   Last weekend I got to witness one of the most amazing things I have ever seen - the birth of my new little niece, Emberly Hope.  I've had 4 children, and it's been an incredible experience every time, but watching a baby come into the world without being the one having the baby is completely different.  It still gives me goosebumps to think about.  The strength of the mother, the bond between husband and wife, the exciment and anticipation in the room.  The reaction when that little girl finally comes out.  The tears of a mother and the pride of a father.  There's nothing like it. 

   And that's what these pictures are.  The emotions, the first moments of this brand new little baby!  The first looks, first touch, deepened love between parents.  It's something that you experience, but in such a blur.  This is something to watch over and over again, and to relive the excitement and overwhelming joy of the birth of a little miracle.  The birth of sweet little Emberly.




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Teresa - WOW, Rachel......just, wow! You have such a way of capturing 'life'!
Pamela - Beautiful work Rachel! Love the video! Congrats to Linda and Justin. Emberly is beautiful!