2014 - A Year In Review
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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   When I first started my photography business, I had set my standards verrrry low.  The goal was to get 4 to 5 sessions in a year, and make a bit of extra cash to spend on whatever I wanted.  I swore I would never do a wedding, and went into sessions feeling so nervous that I was physically sick.  Now, this year, in my fourth year of business, I've done 15 weddings, which have become a favorite, 6 engagements, a maternity, 7 newborns, 15 families and 2 births!  I go into sessions excited, and leave feeling like I've made new friends.  I'm paying for the kids' schooling, helping with bills and loving my job!

   I am so thankful for the opportunites I've had this year, and for the amazing clients I've worked with.  I've worked with a lot of friends, and with a lot of strangers who have become friends.  The weddings and families that I book come from your referrals and loving words, and I appreciate it more than I could ever express!  I've loved working with each and every one of you, and cannot wait for another amazing year with even more incredible people!  

   Thanks so much for the love an encouragement - Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!



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Sharon K. - You have done really well Rachel. It will be interesting to see where your business goes in five years from now.